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Home cooked meals to warm the heart

The Blue Baboon

Delicious Food Made With Love


Craft Beer

About The Blue Baboon 

The Blue Baboon was born out of a love for finely cooked food and a passion for delicious cocktails. Our food is made with love and care for you to enjoy and be enticed by our delicious home made flavors and tantalized by our breath taxingly gorgeous food.

At The Blue Baboon we pride ourselves on being innovative in the Cape Town food industry and we are always challenging ourselves and those around us to invent, re-invent and push the boundaries. We do this with our food, our cocktails and behind the bar as well the kitchen.


Our Bar

We love our bar and it has become one of the focal points of The Blue Baboon. We serve a variety of cocktails from the classics to our own concoctions. Come and try our special selection of gin & tonics that we have mastered over years of practice.

Ask our friendly bar staff for a suggestion or try one of the daily specials. To make fantastic cocktails, gin & tonics, and other specialist drinks it is essential to use the best equipment. We run bar and cocktail training classes once a week, so come and learn how to perfect our own cocktails at your bar at home.

If you want to make cocktails like us you will need to stock the same equipment we do. All our equipment is provided by Beaumont South Africa, so once you have finished your training make sure to go over to their website and check out all the bar accessories South Africa has to offer.


  • Our food journey started over 10 years ago...

  • ...But we only opened The Blue Baboon restaurant and bar in the last few months.

  • Now each summer we will be inviting guests to join us on a discovery of food and cocktails.

What our customers say

  • Friday's are the best at The Blue Baboon. We love to start our weekends off with one of their delicious cocktails. It is just down the road from us, so we simply pop in after work.

    Jane Elliot
  • The food at The Blue Baboon is fantastic. The service is great and the cocktails are unique and exciting.

    Jack Edbertish
  • The staff at The Blue Baboon are so friendly. They treat their regulars like family, always remember your name, your favorite meals and even bring you a free cocktail on your birthday.

    Elly Goldsworth
  • Unbelievable cuisine and drinks. A must see on any trip or visit to Cape Town.

    Nick Clements

At The Blue Baboon we are passionate about our food and our cocktails. You can often find us enjoying some Billy Joel and sipping on our tonics 7 gin. Pop is say hello, have some delicious food or learn how to make your own cocktails.

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